925 Silver Snake Pentagram Pendant Pentacle necklace jewelry Art A22




This is a 925 silver Snake Pentagram Pendant. It was made in Thailand. 

Pentagram History: The pentagram design can find its history in ancient 

Greece, Babylonia, Christianity, Free Masonry, and Wiccans. It has magical 

associations. The circle around a pentagram transforming it into a pentacle

is a symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, and protection. It represents the 

feminine spirit or force, the cosmos or a spiritualism Mother Earth, and a

sacred space. The five-pointed star represents the elements 

earth, air, fire and water and spirit. The circle binds them 

together to create life. Pointing up, the pentagram can represent 

spirituality's dominance over the material bound inside the laws of the 

cosmos. The upside-down facing pentagram represents the physical world 

ruling over the spiritual, and has somewhat been associated with 

dark magic.   

I will include a nice hand woven cord so it can be worn right away. 

Size: 1.15" diameter (  2.8 cm diameter ) 

Weight: .28 oz ( 8 gm )