Extra Large 925 Sterling Silver Wiccan Pentagram Pendant A3




This is a beautiful large 925 sterling silver pentagram pendant from

Thailand. Stamped 925. I am including a nice hand

woven cord with a wood clasp so it can be worn right away. 

Pentagram History: The pentagram design can find its history in 

ancient Greece, Babylonia, Christianity, Free Masonry, and Wiccans.

It has magical associations. The circle around a pentagram transforming

it into a pentacle is a symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, and protection. 

It represents the feminine spirit or force, the cosmos or a spiritualism

Mother Earth, and a sacred space.

The five-pointed star represents the elements earth, air, fire and water

and spirit. 

Size: 1.4" diameter ( 3.6 cm diameter ) not including clasp 

Weight: .32 oz ( 9.5 gm )