925 Silver Valknut Triquetra Triangle Norse Viking Celtic Odin Pendant Necklace


by JK Silver

This is a beautiful 925 Silver Valknut Triquetra Triangle Norse Viking Pendant Necklace. It was well made with great detail and stamped 925 on the back. Consisting of three interlocking circles the Valknut has its origin from the Vikings and ancient Germanic people. The symbol was found on several old objects including an 8th to 9th century gold ring, A wooden bed and also a tapestry on an old viking ship as well as two 9th century picture stones from Gotland Sweden. Scholars theorize that the symbol may have been associated with religious practices surrounding death. The symbol also can also be referred to as the slain warriors symbol and the symbol of Odin. Odin was a seeker and giver of wisdom. A war god and poetry god he was worshiped by people seeking honor, prestige and nobility. On the flip side Odin was often cursed by people as being somewhat of a trickster god. Odin took on many forms. An honorable ruler, a battlefield commander, The god of war. He presided over Valhalla and was even the recipient of human sacrifices. I encourage one to research more on their own as the Valknut has tremendous history and my description only briefly touches on the subject. with this pendant I have included a nice handwoven necklace string with a wooden clasp as well so it can be worn right away. Size: 1.25" diameter ( 3 cm diameter ) not including clasp Weight: .24 oz ( 6.9 gm )