925 Silver Viking Norse Trident Aegishjalmr Aegishjalmur Helm of Awe Pendant A29


by JK Silver

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This is a lovely 925 silver Viking Norse Trident Aegishjalmr pendant from Thailand. I got it on a recent trip there. I will include a nice hand woven cord so it can be worn right away. Aegishjalmr is a compound word Aegis and Hjalmr. Aegis meant shield and Hjalmr meant helm ( Helmet ). The symbol was often worn on the forehead of Vikings during battle to help ensure protection and victory. The circle surrounded by eight prongs The center circle represents the circle of protection within which the bearer is safe. The eight prongs represent protection from evil from all directions. This symbol and meaning also has roots in Hindu religion and India. The is evidence of shared roots between European and Indian with the migration of the Aryan people. A nice hand woven cord will be included with the pendant so it can be worn right away

Size: 1.2" diameter ( 3 cm diameter ) 

Weight: .14 oz ( 4.2 gm )