925 Sterling Huginn Muninn Raven birds of Odin Viking Germanic Runes Pendant A18


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This is a lovely 925 silver pendant necklace of Huginn and Muninn. Old Norse viking legend has it that the two ravens flew all over the world gathering information for Odin. From Germanic and Norse mythology Odin, armed with his spear and depicted with his long beard, one eye cloak and wide hat is the overseer of Valhalla as well as a god of wisdom, healing, death, battle, sorcery, poetry and the runic alphabet. Huginn and Muninn are two of his animal companions who accompany him. 

I will include a nice hand woven cord so it can be worn right away

Size: 1.15" diameter ( 2.8 cm diameter )

Weight:   .2 oz  ( 5.6 gm )