24 K Gold Ohm Mandala Thangka Thanka Painting w/ Brocade Nepal art


by JK Silver

This beautiful 24 K gold Ohm Mandala Mixed Thangka Painting from Nepal. I brought it back with me from a trip there 3 years ago. It was mounted with the traditional style Brocade setting. The details and precision of the artwork are excellent. No noticeable flaws in the artwork. The front part of the brocade is fine. The back of it has some slight weathering and signs of age. This is minor since one will not be viewing the back but worth pointing out.

Brocade Size: 20.5" tall and 17" wide at bottom ( 52.1 cm tall and 43.2 cm wide at bottom ) Painting Size Excluding Brocade: 8.25" tall and 8.25" wide ( 21 cm tall and 21 cm wide )