24 K Jambhala Deity Thangka Thanka Painting Nepal art dragon border N2355


by JK Silver

This is a lovely large 24 K Jambhala Deity Thangka painting from Nepal. Jamhala is known in Buddhism to be be the god of wealth. The view of the god of wealth comes not from a standpoint of greed but rather in compassion for enabling one to prosper for the sake of helping others more freely by not being fettered in ones own poverty. The mongoose held in Jambhala's left hand spits out jewels to its lucky recipient. The painting has very nice detail and a beautiful Dragon border. No noticeable flaws and the canvas is in very good condition. I know whoever gets it is going to love it.

Painting Size: 23.4" Tall and 19" wide ( 59.4 cm tall and 48.3 wide ) including border. 21.4" Tall and 17.1" wide ( 44.7 cm tall and 33.3 cm wide ) excluding border.