925 Silver Arizona Blue Turquoise stone Pendant Necklace Jewelry N38677


by JK Silver


This is a 925 Silver Arizona Turquoise pendant from Thailand. It was hand made there with great precision. The silver work is amazing and has a double layer intricately worked pattern. The stone is also gorgeous. The clasp of the pendant says Sterling, There is a pencil point size divit in the stone at the bottom right area of the stone. Sometimes there is some natural pitting in the stones or it could have gotten a knick somehow but it is fairly small and doesn't really detract from the beauty of the pendant. i have discounted the price for this. I know whoever gets this pendant is going to love it. I am including a hand woven necklace string for it as well however one may wish to use a silver chain if desired.

Necklace Length: 20" long ( 50.8 cm long )

Pendant Size: 1.35" tall and .8" wide ( 3.3 cm long and 2 cm wide )

Stone Size: 1" long and .3" wide ( 2.5 cm long and .8 cm wide )