925 Silver Celtic Christian Knot Circle Cross Pendant




This is a beautiful 925 Celtic Knot Circle Cross that was made in Thailand.  This style of Celtic cross emerged from the early middle ages in Ireland and England. Some ideas about the origin of the circle in the cross include that it was functional in that the circle acted as struts or supports for the cross. Or that it was symbolic as a celestial sphere. A legend has it that St Patrick combined the Christian cross with the pagan Sun Cross to help influence pagan followers the importance of the of the cross. Still another interpretation would be that by placing the Christian Cross on top of the circle represents Christ's supremacy over the pagan Sun.    

Stamped 925 on the clasp ring. I will include a nice hand woven cord so it can be worn right away. 

Size: 1.8" tall and 1.15" wide ( 4.7 cm long and 3 cm wide ) 

Weight:  .22 oz ( 6.2 gm) 

A nice hand woven cord from Nepal will be included so it can be worn right away