925 Silver Chile Lapis Lazul Lazuli pendant Taxco Mexico N4653


by JK Silver


This is a lovely 925 Silver Lapis Lazul Pendant from Taxco Mexico. The stone is a gorgeous ocean blue with lots of golden pyrite specks on its surface indicating a very good quality stone used. The silver work was uniquely designed and stamped 925 on the clasp. I have included a hand woven nylon necklace string with the pendant as well. 

Pendant Size: 1.7 tall and .8" wide ( 4.4 cm tall and 2 cm wide ) not including the clasp Lapis Stone Size: 1.2" long and .7" wide ( 3 cm long and 1.8 cm wide ) 

Pendant Weight: .35 oz ( 9.9 gm )