925 Silver Egyptian Bird God Horus God Deity Ankh Cross Pendant necklace A21


by JK Silver



This is a beautiful 925 silver Egyptian God Horus. Horus known as the son of Isis 

and the god of the sky and kingship.Horus in this depiction is holding the Ankh cross 

which is the Egyption symbol for life and was common for the cross to be held in the hands of deities 

or the deities given the cross by the Pharaoh to sustain or revive life especially in the afterlife. 

A nice hand woven cord will be included so it can be worn right away.

Size: 1.3" tall and .75" wide ( 3.4 cm tall and 1.8 cm wide ) 

Weight: .21 oz ( 5.9 gm )