925 Silver Faden Quartz mineral stone Pendant Afghanistan Jewlery art A8


by JK Silver

925 Silver Faden Quartz mineral stone Pendant Afghanistan Jewlery art A8

Product Description


This is a beautiful 925 silver Faden quartz crystal pendant from Afghanistan. It is very interesting with nice

patterns. Faden Quartz starts as grains of quartz in a rock split by earthquakes. As the pocket shifts

and widens over time the growth of the quartz stops and starts again creating interesting patters from

periodically adjusting growth in their space. This is a very unique geologic phenomena that occurs

when certain minerals. I will include a nice hand woven cord from Nepal with it as well so it can be worn

right away.




Size: 1.35" long and .8" wide ( 3.4 cm long and 2.1 cm wide )


Weight: .24 oz ( 6.9 gm )




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