925 Silver Green Tourmaline chunk necklace Afghanistan A


by JK Silver


925 Silver Green Tourmaline chunk necklace Afghanistan A


This is a lovely Green Tourmaline Crystal necklace.  It is very unique and was made in Afghanistan from dark green Tourmailine crystals and black tourmaline spacer beads. A beautiful, rugged, earthy look.

Some metaphysical properties of Tourmaline include:

A powerful, electromagnetic stone. Strengthens body and spirit (and meridians), transmutes lower frequency thought/energy to a higher frequency of light and brings light/spirit into the physical. Radiates light protection for wearer. Good for the nervous system and lymphatic system.

Black: Does not absorb negative energy. It repels it. It is suggested to carry this stone when you feel surrounded by negativity. A valuable stone for crises and for periods of extreme stress. Helps you defend against debilitating diseases. Strongly suggested for persons with weakened immune systems.

Green: A healing stone that some gem healers consider the strongest of all green stones. Helps achieve balance in all areas. Extremely beneficial for the nervous system, brain, and immunological system. Stimulates creativity and communication. Helps you recognize and avoid negative energies before they become damaging. Recommended for people who wish to better understand their own spirituality. Business, Success. Taking heart, will to live, life-force, prosperity, compassion. Energizes Central Nervous System (for neuralgia, migraine, burns, etc.) Opens/heals physical and emotional Heart Chakra. Lungs, asthma. Cleanses meridians and blocks, stimulates new growth, rejuvenates heart, lymph, immune system. Good for the Thymus and overall body health. 

The spacing could be a little better on the necklace of the tourmaline chunks could be a bit better and I have discounted the price a bit for this.  

Necklace Size: 18.5"  long ( 47 cm long )

Tourmaline Bead Size: about 0.8" wide ( 2.1 cm  wide ) 

Weight: 25.7  gm  (  0.91  oz  ) 



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