925 Silver Jasper crystal stone ring size 5.5 AN2733


by JK Silver


This is a beautiful Jasper stone ring the was very well set in 925 silver. I picked it up on my recent trip to Bangkok knowing someone would love it.

Some metaphysical properties of Jasper include:

Jasper can help one find solutions. It has the ability to foster and nurture and its energy is used for grounding and protection. Considered more effective if it is used for long periods of time because it works slowly.

Jasper is a general tissue regeneration; mineral assimilation; and general healing. Darker colors are more grounding.Recommended for executives as an assist in quick thinking. Also helps them endure stress.

Stone Size: 0.7" tall and 0.7 wide ( 1.8 cm tall and 1.8 cm wide ) 

Ring: Size: 5.5 us ( 16 mm )

Weight: 0.25 oz ( 7 gm )