925 Silver Natural Rutile Quartz Crystal Rock Stone Pendant Necklace N6846


by JK Silver


This is beautiful natural Rutile Quartz Crystal Necklace Pendant from Nepal. I brought it back with me from my last trip there. Awesome Silver work and a gorgeous stone with lots of golden streak of rutile. I have included a nice hand woven necklace cord with a wood clasp which was made in Nepal as well. Stamped 925. There is a tiny pencil point size natural divit on its surface only noticeable under very close inspection and does not detract from its beauty. I have discounted the pendant some for this and as I said it is so small and insignificant. Rutile Quartz is one one of my favorite stones and a remarkable gift of nature. It is is formed when large amounts of the mineral Titanium is present when quartz is in formation. As the quartz cools the compound n(SiO2) ( Silica dioxide quartz) and (TiO2)( Titanium Dioxide) separate.

Pendant Size: 1.35" tall and .8" wide ( 3.4 cm tall and 2 cm wide )

Weight: .46 oz ( 13.1 gm )