925 Silver Viking Mjolnir Mjolhner Odin Wolf Hammer of Thor Pendant A19

by JK Silver


This is a gorgeous 925 Silver Viking Mjolnir Odin Wolf  Hammer of Thor Pendant Necklace Amulet.  Thor is known as the Viking Norse God of Thunder.  One of the most fearsome weapons the Mjolnir Hammer was believed to be capable of crushing mountains.  Thor hammer pendant amulets were commonly worn by vikings between the 9th and 11th century and about 50 of these relics were found throughout Scandinavia. 

This pendant was made with nice detail in Thailand.  The chain you use for it has to be no large than 3 mm otherwise it will not go through the clasp holes.

Size: 1.15" tall and .75" wide ( 2.9 cm long and 2.1 cm wide )