925 Sterling Silver Skull Lucky Thirteen pendant necklace jewelry Thailand N2566


by JK Silver


This is a 925 Silver Skull Pendant pendant necklace that was made in Thailand from sterling silver. It is a very interesting design with lucky 13 on the forehead. One thing I should mention is that the 13 number on the forehead on some pendants it is more black and some it is more silver for a while they were more silver now they are more black everything else is the same. We will send what is in stock and sorry about this. Gorgeous pendant though. I have included a hand woven wood clasp necklace string as well.

Size: 1.35" front to back, 1.1" wide and .25" thick ( 3.4 cm front to back, 2.8 cm wide, and .6 cm tall ) not including clasp

Necklace Length: About 20"

Weight: 0.57 oz ( 15.2 gm )