Blue Ohm Mandlala Thangka Thanka Painting Nepal AN384


by JK Silver


This is a really nice Ohm Mandala Painting from Nepal. I brought it back with me from my last trip there. I really like the colors in it. The blue surrounding the Ohm Symbol as well as a touch of purple around the characters surrounding the center symbol make it unique and different. The detail is good nothing special, but the artist pulled off a really pretty painting that seems to radiate. The gold is not 24 k for this reason I can offer a lower price and I got it for less. Likely 10 k or less. Not as sharp as many of my more expensive paintings but still I really like it and I think whoever gets it will too. Could be framed or just a wall tacker.

Ohm is thought to be the original sound vibration of the universe and the hum of the spiritual law which all things are manifest from.

Size: 14.6" tall and 14.6" wide including border ( 37 cm tall and 37 cm wide )

 p 370330384619