Brass Brahma Prajapati Vishnu Shiva Hindu Deity Statue Amulet A9


by JK Silver


This is a lovely Brahma Hindu deity statue. It has very nice detail. Brahma is a creator god in Hinduism.

The exact origins of Brahma are unknown partly because several related words such as Ultimate Reality ( Brahman ) and Priest ( Brahmin ) are found in the Vedic literature. The existence of a distinct deity Brahma can be found in late Vedic text. One of the first mentions of Brahma with Vishnu and Shiva came around the 1st century BC in the fifth Prapathaka ( lesson ) of the Maitrayanina Upanishad. 

The Upanishad asserts that ones soul is is Brahman and this Ultimate Reality, Cosmos or God is within each living being. Brahma is thought to be a secondary creator, creating all the forms in the universe. But is not the primordial universe itself.   

Size: 2.3" tall and 1.75" wide ( 5.6 cm tall and 4.4 cm wide ) 

Weight: 2.74 oz ( 78 gm )