Garuda Bird God Figure Snake Bite Amulet Pendant Necklace Thailand A22


by JK Silver


This is gorgeous Brass Garuda from Thailand Garuda is a humanoid bird creature and

the mount of lord Vishnu. The Phoenix is considered a modern version of Garuda. 

It is a popular figure in Thailand and Cambodia. In Indonesia it is the national 

symbol. In India the Garuda is the enemy of the naga serpent or snake and is 

regarded as an amulet to protect against snake bites and their poison. you can 

see here he is clutching the snakes in his talons. It looks like the Buddha or a 

monk sits at back of the Garuda perhaps as an added protector.  


Size: 1.8" tall and 1.8" wide ( 4.8 cm tall and 4.8 cm wide) 


Weight: .75 oz ( 21.3 gm)