Himalayan Treasures 925 Silver Egyptian Ankh Cross Crux Ansata Pendant A502


by JK Silver


This is a gorgeous 925 Silver Egyptian Ankh cross. It has nice detail and was made in Thailand. Stamped 925. The Ankh or Crux Ansata ( cross with a handle ) is an Egyptian Hieroglyphic symbolizing life. Its origins date back to between 3150 - 2613 and its exact meanings are uncertain but thought to be a sexual symbol, the belt buckle of Isis, or even a sandal strap. A nice hand woven cord will be included with the pendant so it can be worn right away 

Size: 1.9" tall and 1.3" wide ( 4 cm tall and 2 cm wide ) 

Weight: .23 oz ( 6.4 gm )