Jadeite Jade Happy Buddha Pendant Necklace Thailand Jewelry Art A2931


by JK Silver

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This is a lovely little Jadeite Jade Happy Buddha Pendant Necklace or amulet hanging. It has very nice detail.  The Jade quality is grade A high quality watery Jadeite. The beads are Jadeite as well. 

I got this pendant on a recent trip to Northern Thailand at Mae Sai at the Myanmar Border. Myanmar is the top producer of Jade in the world. 

Pendant Size: 1" tall and 1" wide  ( 2.3" tal and 2.3" wide )   

Necklace Length: 22" long ( 56 cm long ) 

Pendant Weight: .35 oz ( 9.8 gm )   

Necklace Weight: 1 oz ( 29.6 gm )