Lapis Lazul Lazuli Crystal Ball Mineral N3855


by JK Silver


This is a beautiful Lapis Lazuli crystal ball from Afghanistan. A lovely ocean blue color with golden pyrite specks indicating a high quality Lapis stone was used. There are a few white lines along the surface that are common natural inclusions in the stone. One of them slightly divits the surface, it is minor though. The ball comes with a nice little wood stand.

Some characteristics and metaphysical properties of Lapis Lazuli: Lapis, although technically a rock, is often referred to as gemstone because of its rarity and mystical blue and gold color. It is primarily found in only two places in the world, Afghanistan and Chile. The Afghanistan Lapis being prized as the more beautiful. It is made of mostly lazurite and pyrite. Pyrite giving the stone its golden specks of color. 

No chips or damage

Size: 1.4" Diameter ( 3.6 cm )

Weight: 60 gm (2.1 oz )

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