Lapis Lazul Lazuli polished crystal specimen stone mineral art N3855


by JK Silver


This is nice Lapis Lazuli Chunk from Afghanistan. It has a dark blue color and golden spots of pyrite mineral indicate a really high quality stone used. There are a few nicks or chips on the Lapis about 5 small pencil point size ones on top and one side edge chip is about the size of a grain of rice. I have discounted it for this. Some characteristics and metaphysical properties of Lapis Lazuli: Lapis, although technically a rock, is often referred to as gemstone because of its rarity and mystical blue and gold color. It is primarily found in only two places in the world, Afghanistan and Chile. The Afghanistan Lapis being prized as the more beautiful. It is made of mostly lazurite and pyrite. Pyrite giving the stone its golden specks of color. Lapis is valued for its beauty, rarity, and positive metaphysical properties. Considered an Aphrodisiac by the Romans and a magical stone by the Egyptians the used the rock for making carvings and jewelry. Lapis might be regarded as the stone of friendship and truth. It can help with awareness, creativity and communication so is excellent for people who want to improve their communication or whose jobs require a lot of verbal interaction. It can be useful in overcoming insomnia, depression and aid as a protective stone.

Size: 2.3" tall and 1.8" wide ( 5.8 cm tall and 4.6 cm wide )

Weight: 124.6 gm ( 4.39 oz )