Lg Tsonghapa Thangka Thanka Painting w/ Brocade Nepal Art AN277


by JK Silver

This is a beautiful Large Thangka Painting of Tsonghapa in a lovely cloth Brocade. The details are quite nice and the brocade colors are well matched. The artist did a great job with the colors and created a nice 3D effect of the image. Some History of Tsonghapa: This is a beautiful Tsongkhapa Thangka painting from Nepal. Tsongkhapa was a famous teacher of Tibetan Buddhism whose activities led to the formation of the Geluk School. the two distinguishing characteristics of the Geluk tradition are the union of Tantra and Sutra as well as emphasis on the moral code of discipline. he was born into a nomadic family in Amdo province in 1357. at an early age he received empowerment by three of the most prominent wrathful deities Heruka Chakrasamvara, Hevajra, and Yamantaka and was able to recite many of the Buddhist sutras including Manjusri's Nama Samgiti. He would go on to be a great student of the Buddhist Vinaya, the doctrine of behavior, the Six Yogas Of Naropa, the Kalachakra tantra, and the practice of Mahamudra. He would receive ordination of full monk at the age of 24. In addition he engaged made extensive meditation retreats. He is reputed to have performed millions of prostrations, mandala offerings and other purification practice. Tsongkhapa was effective as a teacher in Tibetan Buddhism and became a leading figure amongst his peers as well as his students. He is revered as having strong wisdom, influence, and compassion it is often referred to as the second Buddha. No real noticeable flaws.

Size: 32.75” tall, 23.25” wide at bottom, 21.5" wide top ( 83 cm tall 59 cm wide bottom, 51.6 cm wide top ) including cloth brocade. 15.25" tall and 11.75" wide ( 39 cm tall, 9.8 cm wide ) excluding cloth brocade