Natural Carnelian Agate ring Thailand jewelry stone art size 7 US A289


by JK Silver

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This is a beautiful Carnelian Agate ring from northern Thailand.. Agate and carnelian are the same stone technically distinguished by color range. Some heating is used to bring out the color some. But this is real stone. Carnelian is believed by many to have good metaphysical properties as well. The color is a brown yellow. An interesting color for agate. 

Metaphysical properties of agate include: 

Strengthening and stabilizing your energies. Balancing your energy and directing it appropriately. Agate's energies are calming

yet uplifting. The ability to dispel negative energy. The energy from the stone can keep you inspired, motivated, and productive. Agate can help infuse you with joy and optimism. 

No chips or damage

Size 7 US

Width: 4 mm looking from side 

Weight: .1 oz ( 2.4 gm )

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