Natural Golden Moss Earth Debris River Jade Agate Bangle Bracelet A3744


by JK Silver


This is a gorgeous natural stone agate bangle bracelet from Thailand. The mineralazation in the stone crates a beatiful gold yellowrusty color in the mnostly clear stone. There is some kind of interesting  debris in the stone either a moss or other earthy debris. I was told this is what they refer to as river jade because the stone is found in the river but from my experience it is likely to be agate. The bangle was  fairly expensive for me to buy but being quite beautiful I decided to get it for selling. I have priced it as Agate as I am more knowleageable about Jadeite which this is not. A few tiny pencil point size divit are on the outside surface which are minor.   

Size: 3.2" diameter on the ioutside and 2.25" diameter on the inside ( 6 cm diameter on the outside and 5.8 cm diameter on the inside ) 

Thickness: .35" wide ( 1 cm wide) 

Weight: 1.7 oz ( 34 gm )