Natural Green Jade stone Bangle Bracelet Jewelry Art AN244


by JK Silver

This is a beautiful natural green Jadeite Jade Bangle from Thailand. It has a beautiful deep green color with slight transluscency. It has a few tiny surface divits like pencil point size and hardly worth mentioning but I like to try to be thourough with these things so there are no surprises. Pictures were taken indoors and then outdoors. Best for a medium woman's wrist.

Size: 2.75" ( 7 cm ) diameter on the outside and 2.3" ( 5.8 cm ) diameter on the inside. Thickness is .4" ( 1 cm ) wide looking at it from the side and .25" ( .5 cm ) looking at it from the top as it is laying on a flat surface. Weight: 1.31 oz ( 37.5 gm ) If it doesn't fit please just return it for a refund