Natural Jade Agate Stone Ganesh Ganesha Deity Burma Art Elephant Statue


by JK Silver


This is a lovely Carved Agate Jade Ganesh from Burma. It was hand made and I bought it on a recent trip to Northern Thailand. It was well carved from Agate stone commonly referred to as White Jade in the region. The stone is white grey but has has a slight tan or yellow hint to it. Ganesh is know as the destroyer of Obstacles.No real chips or damage except the Tusk held in hand is more of a stump as it is short flat and must have broke off. I have discounted some for this. Overall its a very nice piece.  

 Size: 3.6" tall and 2.25"  wide ( 9 cm tall and 5.6 cm wide )

Weight: 12.32 oz ( 383.3 gm )