Dakini Vajrayogini Buddhism Statue Hindu God Tantric Deity Statue A5


by JK Silver

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This is a lovely statue of Vajrayogini.  It is a brass metal base. She has very nice details. 

Vajrayogini's essence is great passion that is free of selfishness and illusion. She works for the well being of others and is good for people with strong passions helping them turn their passions into enlightened virtues. She originated in India between the 10th and 12th century from Chakrasamvara meditational practices.  Vajrayoginī also appears in versions of Guru yoga in the Kagya school of  Tibetan buddhism. In one popular system the practitioner worships their guru in the form of Milarepa and visualizing themselves Vajrayoginī.

 The purpose of visualizing Vajrayoginī is to gain realizations of generation stage tantra, in which the practitioner mentally visualizes themself as their yidam or meditational deity and their surroundings as the Deity's mandala. The purpose of generation stage is to overcome so-called ordinary appearances and ordinary conceptions, which are said in Vajrayana Buddhism to be the obstructions to liberation. 

Size: 3" tall and 1.5" wide ( 7.6 cm tall and 3.6 cm wide )  

Weight: 1.5 oz ( 43.5 gm )