925 Silver Rutile Quartz Pendant Nepal Jewelry N2755


by JK Silver


This is a stunning little 925 Silver Rutile Quartz Pendant that was hand made in Nepal. I brought it back from my last trip there. The quartz contains some fantastic golden streaks or Rutile that is sure to get many compliments. This ion one of my favorite stones and a remarkable gift of nature. Rutile is formed when large amounts of the mineral Titanium is present when quartz is in formation. As the quartz cools the compound n(SiO2) ( Silica dioxide quartz) and (TiO2)( Titanium Dioxide) separate. The last picture shows the back of the pendant.

Size: .8" long and .65" wide ( 2 cm long and 1.7 cm wide )

Weight: 0.15 oz ( 4.3 gm )

p 140576960118