24 K gold Manjusri Manjushri Thangka painting Nepal AN 2855


by JK Silver


This a nice cosmic background Manjusri Thangka painting from Nepal. I brought it back with me from Nepal. It has lovley colors and good detail. The canvas is in excellent condition. Real 24 K gold paint was used as an accent.

Manjusri ( Manjushri ) is known as the Bodhisattva of Wisdom and Knowledge .

According to legend, Manjusri came to Nepal from China over 2,000 years ago to worship the Adi Buddha. Surrounded by mountains, in the middle of the country, lay a large lake. In the middle of the lake bloomed a lotus on which the Adi Buddha, Svayambhu (the “self-Creating One”), manifested himself as a flame.

Manjushri is depicted in red, yellow, golden yellow, white, or black, and almost always sits in lotus position. He is eternally young and muscular, and has some twenty variations.

Manjushri is referred to as an emanation of both the dhyani Buddha Amitabha, who is also Avalokiteshvara’s spiritual father, and of Akshobhya. This dual origin can be traced back to the fierce form of Akshobhya, the dharmapala Yamantaka, who can take on a fiercer guise, namely Vajrabhairava, and then be an extremely frightening guise of Manjusri. An earthly incarnation of Manjusri is the great reformer Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelugpa monastic order.

One may want to study further about Manjusri the god of wisdon and knowledge.

No real noticeable flaws in the artwork and and the canvas is very clean.

Painting Size: 15.50" tall and 13.22 " wide ( 39.4 cm tall and 33.6 cm wide ) including border. 13.50" tall and 11.25" wide ( 34.3 cm tall and 28.6 cm wide ) excluding border.

 p 140601639320