24 K Gold Thangka Thanka Painting Wheel of Life dragons Nepal A4



This is a gorgeous hand painted 24 K Gold Wheel of Life Thangka Painting from Nepal. I brought it back with me from my last trip there. It has incredible detail and the canvas is super clean. The special gold work and dragons were extremely time consuming for the artist and truly a painting that will be treasured.The only minot flaw which I notice is in the black area where the writing is there is a feint draft pencil line still noticeable ( picture 8 ). It is minor and probably best to leave it but it could easily be touched up if one desired with just some black paint and border papers. Also there is just a small amount or crumpling only on the edge of the canvas at one end. I have shown this in the last picture. In Nepal and Tibet the Wheel Of Life is often painted at the entrances of monasteries.
Painting Size: 17.6" tall and 13.9" wide ( 44.7 cm tall and 35.3 cm wide ) including border. 16.1" tall and 13.35" wide ( 40.9 cm tall and 33.9 cm wide ) excluding border.