925 Silver Wheel OF Life Zodiac Pendant Nepal Himalayan Art A22




This is a gorgeous 925 silver Wheel of Life Zodiak pendant that was made in Thailand with great detail.  

I got it on a recent trip there. I will include a nice hand woven cord so it can be worn right away..
Some history on the Wheel of Life:
The Wheel Of Life is also known as the Bhavechakra Mudra or the Wheel Of Transmigration. It depicts the cycles of life, death, and birth or Samsara. The Wheel of Life is like a map or Bible of Karma, Samsara, and Nirvana. It is held in the clutches by the demon Yama representing impermanence. On one hand time is eternal, without beginning or end. On the other this eternity consists of little portions of time that are finite, like human life. In the center the three animals, the bird, the pig and the snake all chase each others tails signifying the vicious cycle that many people many get stuck in as hatred, desire or more specifically evil desire, and ignorance. 
In Nepal and Tibet the Wheel Of Life is often painted at the entrances of monasteries. It is the symbol not only of the mystery of evil and stress but of the 
teachings of Buddha.
worlds, and those in the light half with mostly good karma ascending to one of the three positive heavens. The underworld is the kingdom of the animals where one is subjected to beatings and a chance of being eaten. Another underworld is the kingdom of the hungry spirits where inhabitants suffer
Size: 1.75" tall and 1.2" wide ( 4.4 cm tall and 3.1 cm wide

Weight:: .6 oz ( 17 gm )